"Jane the Virgin" season 2 premieres on The CW this Monday, 12 October, with an intense episode that will mainly revolve around the future of Jane Gloriana Villanueva (Gina Rodriguez), Petra Solano (Yael Grobglas), Rafael Solano (Justin Baldoni) and Michael Cordero (Brett Dier).

The satirical comedy drama, which ended with some game-changing plot twists such as the abduction of newborn Mateo Gloriano Rogelio Solano Villanueva, will pick up from where it left.

While focusing on Jane and her loved ones quest for the newborn who went missing from the hospital, the first episode might also reveal Petra's next move against Rafael.

Speculations suggest that the protagonist and the team will tickle viewers' funny bones with witty action and humorous narration in episode 1, titled "Chapter Twenty-Three".

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The official synopsis of "Chapter Twenty-Three", read as below:

After Jane discovers Mateo's abduction, chaos ensues, especially when they all learn Sin Rostro is involved and demanding a ransom. Trying to help, Rogelio (Jaime Camil) tweets about the new born's kidnapping making the Villanueva family targets of the paparazzi. Despite everything that has happened, Jane must also focus on motherhood and turns to Xo (Andrea Navedo) and Alba (Ivonne Coll) for help, leaving Rafael feeling left out. Meanwhile, Petra is conflicted with what to do with Rafael's remaining sperm sample.

Here are some of the early reviews on the first episode of The CW series that have briefly described as to what to expect season 2:


The season premiere contains the usual strategically deployed texts, amusing (and informational) chyrons, diverting narration, not to mention heartfelt family drama, slapstick physical comedy, the occasional dash of melodrama and sly social commentary. Despite its commitment to Jane's emotional arc, the show remains chock full of laugh-out-loud moments.

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The series is as fun and charming as ever, despite all those ups and downs. There are even a few laughs in the midst and you'll be as torn between the two men as Jane is right now. Jane's new mom worries and triumphs will make you laugh, and cry, and have you rooting for her, always.