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"Jane The Virgin" Season 2 is doling out more drama with every episode. The next episode will see the repercussions of Jane's fight with her mother Xo, and how Rafael's father instinct will trigger jealousy.

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In episode 17 we saw Jane had a hell of an emotional roller-coaster ride as her mother Xo and best friend Lina organised her bachelorette party. The episode took us through a series of flashbacks when Jane recollected her mom having lost control of situations. And when history repeated this time around at her bachelorette, Jane refused to forgive her mother.

Episode 18 will see the repercussions of this as Jane will have a complete fallout with Xo. The episode will also show how Rafael gets jealous of Michael's growing closeness with his son Mateo.

The synopsis of "Chapter Forty" teases that Jane will feel the effects of her fallout with her mother as she now has to look for someone who will help her take care of Mateo. And then, Michael volunteers to help her out.

The promo of the upcoming episode shows that while spending the day together, Mateo will learn a new trick for the first time in front of Rafael, making him feel jealous. He is shown uncomfortable dealing with the fact that someone else is experiencing a milestone in his son's growing years.

The episode is also expected to throw some light on Petra and her twins and Rogelio will be seen working his way around work-related trouble when he gets caught mobilising his crew for personal purposes.

Plot synopsis for "Chapter Forty" (via TV Guide) reads: "Jane and Xo face the outcome of the bachelorette party. Meanwhile, Michael babysits Mateo; Rafael grows upset when he witnesses Mateo do something for the first time; Rogelio lands in hot water at work; and a troublemaker is after Petra."

"Jane The Virgin" Season 2 episode 18, titled "Chapter Forty," will be aired on Monday, April 18, on The CW at 9 p.m.