Cow vigilantes attacked and injured a 48-year-old shepherd in a remote Garri Gabbar village in the Reasi district of Jammu after his son drove a few cows away from their pastureland.

Mohammad Asgar suffered serious wounds and was shifted to hospital for treatment. The incident occurred a few days ago when cows allegedly strayed into Asgar's fields and started eating and damaging his crop.

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Asghar's son drove the animals away from the field but, according to the mob, one cow received injuries on the back. This angered the community members and a headman of the village asked Asghar to report to an uphill village for a meeting.

Now, an alleged video of Asghar being beaten up by a large number of people has gone viral. Shouting slogans, 'Desh Ke Gadroon Ko... Goli Maroo sa*** Ko', they thrashed Asgar in full public view on Saturday. Later cops intervened and saved Asgar from their clutches. A cop tries to intervene but not before Asghar's shirt is torn and he receives multiple injuries. He lies there gasping in pain while the cop urges the mob to stop.

According to reports, Rashmi Wazir, SSP Reasi, said police have registered two FIRs. In one, they have booked Asgar's son for allegedly hurting the sentiments of a community by injuring a cow with a sharp-edged object, and in another, a case has been filed against people who attacked Asgar.