Jamie Lannister answers Fan Questions
Jamie Lannister answers Fans' Questions.Twitter/Game of Thrones

Ahead of the season 5 finale of HBO epic series "Game of Thrones", Danish actor Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, who plays Jamie Lannister, will be engaging a live Q&A session hosted by iTunes TV.

"Join a @Twitter Q&A with @nikolajcw and @iTunesTV on 6/14 at 5pm PT/8pm ET. Send questions using #AskGOT," tweeted Game of Thrones on Friday, 12 June. Ever since the announcement was made, Twitter has been abuzz with questions for the "Prince Charming look-alike".

Here are some of the most popular questions for Nicolaj:

  • Fuwa fuwa ( ‏@kalagnes): What will do Jaime if he saw Tyrion ? Could he really kill vis brother ? #AskGOT
  • i'm nicole. (‏@bieberoposey) @GameOfThrones how do you feel about the final episode of season 5? #AskGOT @nikolajcw @iTunesTV x4
  • O.D (‏@Dkhissi1994): If your role in Game of thrones wasn't Jaime Lannister which role would you play it if you had the chance?
  • Råphæla McMillan (✏✒ ‏@_Rapha_Fr): @iTunesTV @nikolajcw @GameOfThrones Hi! Who is for you the best character to rule the Seven Kingdoms? Thanks :) #AskGOT

The whole interview can be seen live in the iTunes TV website

 .@nikolajcw answers your questions tomorrow, 6/14 at 5pm PT/8pm ET. #AskGOT http://t.co/C0Hlgb8ew7 pic.twitter.com/yILmeqHBrX