Watching a James Bond movie is pretty similar to taking a trip around the world. Sure, you can do so by a simple Google search, but watching a spy fight on a rocky cliff is thrilling, to say the least.

Many 007 movies have been shot at exotic locations, and the latest James Bond film "Spectre" promises to be no different. Daniel Craig returns to his role as the MI6 spy in the 24th James Bond franchise and will travel to London, Mexico City and Rome to track down his enemy from the past.

Fans of 007 have to wait another month (October 26 to be precise) for the release of Sam Mendes directed film "Spectre". Nonetheless, we don't want to deprive you of a 007 experience until the film hits movie screens across the globe. So here is our list of exotic locations where your favourite spy travelled, fought and partied.

Location: Giza Plateau; Giza, Egypt

Film: The Spy Who Loved Me

When the crew got to the Sphinx in Giza, they were in the midst of a light show attended by several ticket paying tourists. Apparently, the tourists wanted nothing to do with 007 movie, so the cast and crew waited until the light show ended.

Location: Himeji Castle; Hyogo Prefecture, Japan

Film: You Only Live Twice

One of the more memorable scenes from this movie includes Sean Connery's trip to the ninja training school, run by his Japanese secret service friend Tiger Tanaka.

Location: Taj Lake Palace

Film: Octopussy

This 18th century floating palace in Udaipur is an abyss of tranquility, and also the home of Maud Adams, who played the villain, Octopussy. One can never forget Roger Moore swimming to the palace dressed as a crocodile.

Location: Ko Tapu, Phang Nga Bay, Phuket

Film: Man with the Golden Gun

Otherwise known as the James Bond Island, this is a tourist attraction in Thailand. One of the many wonders of this island includes limestone rocks that have shot up as pillars from the calming emerald green waters. And fans of James Bond movies can take a helicopter ride to get an aerial shot of the island.

Location: Monastery of the Holy Trinity; Meteora, Greece

Film: For Your Eyes Only

The villain, Kristatos, in "For Your Eyes Only" is a lucky man. His isolated lair in Meteora, Greece lies atop a rocky cliff with a beautiful view of the valley and Kalambaka city below. To be sure, this is the Holy Trinity Monastery in real life, built sometime between 14th-15th century. If you are not afraid of heights, we suggest you climb the 140-step staircase and witness the wonder that is now a UN World Heritage Site.