Elected leader of BJP's legislature party in Karnataka, Jagadish Shettar, was sworn in as the new chief minister of the state on Thursday, with former CM D.V. Sadananda attending the swearing-in ceremony in a bid to demonstrate the party's integrity.

Shettar's long-standing dream of holding the state's top post took shape after Governor HR Bhardwai administered the oath of office and secrecy to Shettar, who is the third leader to become chief minister during the BJP's four-year-rule in Karnataka.

Shettar was evaded of Chief Ministership at least twice in the past four years, on account of strong reluctance from Lingayat's strongman BS Yeddyurappa, who wished to keep him away from power.

Interestingly, during the nine months time before the next assembly elections begin, Yeddyurappa recanted his lack of support and helped Shettar meet his life-long ambition of becoming chief minister.

The same camp which placed Gowda as chief minister last August forcefully evicted from his chair after accusing him of being a JD(S)-man and acting at the behest of opposition leaders while undermining his own party interests.

Prior to Shettar's appointing as CM, the party high command was reluctant to bring leadership change in the Karnataka government, which is already neck-deep with corruption charges against 20 state cabinet ministers involved in alleged scam cases.  

Owing to Yeddyurappa's strong-arm politics, party bosses were left with no other option than to give in to the fraction's demands.

The party top brasses are now expected to place Gowda in national politics. As a former member of Lok Sabha, Gowda may likely get a post at a national level in the party or may be appointed as a member of Rajya Sabha, media reports said.