Jag Chima
Jag Chima

Jag Chima, CEO of Physique Global and Kris Gethin Gyms who has revolutionized the fitness industry in India, speaks about the myths surrounding the fake supplements and steroids and how to overcome them.

In today's day and age with the way that lifestyle is and with the way social media is, people feel pressure to look aesthetically good, although their internal health might be really bad.

In some cases even, their health may be worse than somebody who might not even be going to the gym. And the reason being is because people looking for shortcuts. The easiest way to look good though they may not feel great.

There are a lot of personal trainers in India (not all) that are making additional income by selling supplements. But the sad part is that some are selling fake supplements and steroids to make that extra buck, at the cost of their client's health.

The reason people are falling for this is because of lack of proper education and to get quick results. You can walk into most gyms and ask for steroids and they will be very easily available from the personal trainers.

Personal trainers are also seen recommending dangerous fat burners and other types of substances, which can have a huge irreversible effect on internal organs liver. Kidney and can cause heart failure, infertility and hair loss. Also when you stop using these substances you are in a worse position than when you started.

There are not many people who are providing good quality guidance on why these substances and supplements should be avoided. The fake supplements market has also given a bad name to even the genuine supplements. Supplements are important, provided they are genuine, good quality and have the right ingredients in the right dosages. They are there to supplement for what you cannot get from eating natural Foods.

There are quite a lot of supplements out there that people should be using. For example, Protein. Lot of people have misconception when it comes to protein. Protein is one of the main macro nutrients required. Whey and Casein Protein are derived from milk and is a perfectly healthy product to use. However, there are a lot fake brands out there who have given people a perception that all supplements must be bad.

There are other essential supplements like vitamins and minerals which taken correctly can enhance one's health and performance. These high quality supplements will cost more than the fakes. But if you are consuming it and if it is going inside your body, you shouldn't be considering the price but rather considering the quality of the product or supplement.

There are many instances where many sports in India have used and are using performance-enhancing drugs. And have costed the sportsmen their careers and even their lives in few instances. For example, many kabaddi players have lost their lives at a very young age because of the use of illegal substances which enhance performance.

My aim at Physique Global has always been to provide good quality education, so people can get the right guidance. It will take longer to get a good physique and to maintain it, that's a fact and a reality. However,it will last longer too. Making simple changes like better food choices, drinking enough water, avoiding smoking, alcohol, oily Foods will be help in living a fitter, healthier lifestyle and ultimately perform better.

One doesn't have to be an athlete or a sports person to be able to be fit and healthy. Just by making some simple choices, one can improve their health.

We have trained over 4,000 Fitness professionals, who have now used our programs to help their clients get better results and are now earning much more money because their results are sustainable and people can understand that working hard does get good results.

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