Jaden Smith
Pictured: Actor Jaden Smith arrives at the 2016 MTV Video Music Awards in New YorkReuters

Will Smith's son Jaden Smith is alive and well, but that hasn't stopped fake news websites from spreading rumours about the actor allegedly committing suicide. But the 18-year-old is taking things in his stride and has not let these rumours affect him.

According to an unidentified HollywoodLife source, Jaden is taking it as a badge of honour. "Jaden [Smith] is OK with the death hoax, because, to him, it shows that people actually care about him," the source said. "He is using it as a badge of honour, like you haven't made it until you are involved in a death hoax."

"Jaden is a very unique person and he is seeing this as a sign that people care about him and he should use the time he has on earth to make a difference," the insider said. "It has opened his eyes to make what he does have purpose."

The rumour has been circulating for more than a month and many of his fans believed these death reports to be true after a photo of Jaden's girlfriend Sarah Snyder surfaced online that showed her in bed with another guy. At the time, it was reported that Jaden committed suicide after assuming that his partner wasn't being faithful.

One outlet even promised to produce a video footage of Jaden's suicide, but it turned out to be clickbait used to lure Facebook users.

Jaden and Snyder, who grabbed limelight last year, while cuddling during a show during the New York Fashion Week, are still together despite these cheating rumours. A few days back paparazzi caught them leaving Gigi Hadid's house after a night of celebrating the model's success at this year's New York Fashion Week.

Jaden was also spotted hanging out with friends Miley Cyrus, who was also a victim of death hoax reports, and her fiancé Liam Hemsworth.