Sathyaraj and his son Sibiraj have collaborated in a movie after a gap of 10 years in "Jackson Durai." It is a horror-comedy film, which is written and directed by Dharani Dharan, who made his debut in the film "Burma." The Tamil flick has got fairly positive reviews. 

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Sathyaraj's son Sibiraj will play the lead role in the film as a cop who saves villagers from ghosts. Bindu Madhavi will appear as the female lead, while Karunakaran will be seen in a key role. The music of the film is composed by Vipin Sidharth, while the lyrics are written by Mohan Rajan. Cinematography has been handled by Yuva and editing by Vivekharshan.

Satyaraj plays the role of a freedom fighter and American actor Zachary will be seen in the role of a British colonel. The story of the movie set in a village named Ayanapuram, which has a haunted bungalow. People in this region does not come out after 9 pm and their is a myth associated to it. 

Bullet Satya (Sibiraj) comes to the ghost-haunted village and falls in love with the village President's daughter played by Bindhu Madhavi. Karunakaran, who is her relative, is in the race to marry her.

The girl's father throws a challenge at Sibiraj and Karnukaran to stay in the haunted bungalow for a few days and whoever returns alive from the house would marry Bindu Madhavi. What happens next should be seen on-screen.

Average Ratings Given by Audience: 2.5

The movie has a decent storyline and the new attempt in telling a horror story gets thumbs up from the audience. While the first half is loaded with comedy and has thrilling moments, the second half has an average story with the story taking back to the pre-independence era. The performances of Mottai Rajendran and Sathyaraj have impressed the viewers and the period touch to the story gets full marks. Overall, the film is getting mixed reviews. Here, we bring you viewers' response to the flick:

Priyanka tweeted: #JacksonDurai stands different from the lot of horror films that have released in recent years in Tamil.
The idea of pre independence freedom fighting angle is note worthy. #JacksonDurai
Comedy backed with a good story and horror elements make it a good watch #JacksonDurai

Kaushik (LMK): #JacksonDurai 1st half - Good response already. With #SathyaRaj, Rajendran and co. coming in the 2nd half, this is a prospective hit hor-com
#JacksonDurai 1st half - Rollicking fun. Works well with @Sibi_Sathyaraj, @actorkaruna, Yogi Babu. More from the haunted bungalow coming up
#JacksonDurai 2nd half -not as fun as the 1st. The idea to have a pre independence angle & freedom struggle is interesting but doesn't click

Sangeetha Devi: Good ghosts fight bad ones in pre-independence era it seems. Devuda. Kodumai. #reviewmorning

ReviewPuram: #JacksonDurai ends up looking like a hastily done horror comedy and has nothing to offer. Motta Rajendran walks away with some cheer.
#JacksonDurai fails to recognise its own good jokes and keeps dumbing down itself. Have had enough of (repetitive) horror comedy already.

Mukundhan: Watched #jacksondurai jst nw the flm is little much good wit #karunagaran smashing comedy & #mottarajendhar bt the mve is 1 tim watchable

Aasik: #Jacksondurai half way...Entertain n scary portion works out well...Gud 1st half ...waiting 2nd half @Sibi_Sathyaraj @ThenandalFilms

Common Man Sathish: #Jackson Durai - Sibi & Yogi Babu, Sibi & Karuna combo makes us laugh in the 1st half. Sathyaraj rocks in the 2nd half.
#JacksonDurai is a Patriotic Period Fantasy Horror Comedy Movie, which is completely different from usual horror movies

Arun Karky: @Sibi_Sathyaraj #JacksonDurai watched FDFS entertainer..Marana mass BGM. Especially for #Sathyaraj sir and @Actor_Rajendran .[2/3]
#JacksonDurai Brilliant scene is that girl bravely accepts the death for the nation... goosebumps overloaded..@Sibi_Sathyaraj [3/3]

Karthik: #JacksonDurai: Hve engaging first half which has few scary moments and more comic parts. @actorkaruna combo is going better @Sibi_Sathyaraj

Prashanth: #JacksonDurai interval - @Sibi_Sathyaraj , @actorkaruna and yogi Babu are killing it. Lot of laughs so far .
#JacksonDurai - 2.75/5 , the lengthy second half derails the goodness of the first half.