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Jackie Chan will celebrate his 62nd birthday Thursday, April 7, 2016. The actor, who is in news after his name was revealed in the Panama Paper leak case, has also been a victim of internet death hoax innumerous times. Another such hoax claiming that the "Rush Hour" actor died of heart attack was busted recently.

Jackie Chan, who has essayed some of the most interesting characters in extremely amazing movies, is almost everyone's favourite actor.

On his birthday we have compiled a few of the best movies and most interesting things he has ever said.

Best Jackie Chan quotes:

"I never wanted to be the next Bruce Lee. I just wanted to be the first Jackie Chan."

"American stuntmen are smart — they think about safety. When they do a jump in a car, they calculate everything: the speed, the distance... But in Hong Kong, we don't know how to count. Everything we do is a guess. If you've got the guts, you do it. All of my stuntmen have gotten hurt."

"Anyone can be a Superman, but nobody can be Jackie Chan."

"Life will knock us down, but we can choose whether or not to stand back up."

"Do not let circumstances control you. You change your circumstances."

"Don't try to be like Jackie. There is only one Jackie. Study computers instead."

"Bruce Lee brought the martial arts movie to the attention of the world — and without him, I don't think that anyone would have ever heard of Jackie Chan."

And what better way could there be to celebrate his birthday than by watching some his best movies:

- Drunken Master

- Police Story

- Rush Hour

- Rumble in the Bronx

- Armour of God

- Shanghai Noon

- The Karate Kid

- Shanghai Knights

- Around the World in 80 Days

- The Tuxedo