In the next season of The CW's comedy-horror series "iZombie," it seems that Major will assist Liv and Detective Babineaux in solving crimes with his newly possessed powers to see visions from the brains that he consumes.

According to Christian Today, the protagonist of the show, Rose McIver, has said that series creator Rob Thomas has confirmed that Major will have similar abilities as Liv and it will help the Seattle police to investigate more crimes in a better way.

"The last thing that I've heard from him is that Major is gonna be taking on characteristics from brains as well," McIver said.

Several reports have stated that the third season of 'iZombie' will be more interesting and thrilling as more zombies, who are disguised as normal humans, will be adopting different personalities. Hence, it will be a tough task for Liv and Major to find them out.

As Major is a zombie again, the next season will also see him and Liv getting involved romantically. Besides it, Christian Times has also stated that Aly Michalka, who has recently been confirmed as a series regular, will be having a significantly bigger role than the previous season.

Elsewhere, Blaine's memory will return after he takes the zombie cure and becomes an amnesiac. As reported by Movie News Guide, Liv and Vivian may clash with each other as Vivian wants a full zombie infestation in Seattle while Liv is against it.

Several rumours state that Ravi will become a zombie in the next season. However, given that he provides all the balance in the story, he may not turn into one and remain a human being. Nevertheless, if he becomes a zombie, he will be third after Major and Liv.

The CW is yet to announce the exact premiere date of "iZombie" Season 3. However, it is speculated to air this fall.