Robert Buckley, who plays the role of Major Lilywhite in The CW's comedy-horror series "iZombie," has hinted that his character might be going through more troubles in the upcoming season of the series.

In an interview with Comic Book Resources, Buckley said: "Selfishly I'd love to see things go well for him, but as a viewer I think it's far more interesting to watch him just get shattered and his dreams be destroyed. It makes for good TV.

"No one wants to see happy people do well. That's why you flip past anti-depressant commercials. We know how it ends. The grey cloud disappears, they're in the park, they're happy."

According to Movie News Guide, Rahul Kohli has teased about his character of Dr. Ravi in Season 3 of "iZombie."

"'s one of those things, I looked at the character, I looked at his journey through Season 2 and the finale, and I just felt like Ravi's life has become extremely dangerous, as has everyone's. In a vain hope that I might have made the right assumption I just thought maybe Ravi would look after himself a little bit more," Kohli said.

Fashion & Style has reported that David Anders, who portrays the protagonist of the series, Blaine DeBeers, also discussed his character's fate in Season 3 and said that he was happy for Blaine as he had lost all his memories in Season 2 and was given a chance to become the good guy for a change.

"I think it's important to round the character out and give him as many different hues as possible rather than just that moustache twirling villain - that I can do, but I can also do other things. I obviously can do other things and I think that appealed to the fans in different ways this season."

Though the exact released date is not yet announced, it is speculated that "iZombie" Season 3 will air during 2016-1017 roaster of The CW.