The CW's comedy-drama series "iZombie" Season 3 is actively moving forward with its production schedule. Recently, the lead star Rose McIver, who plays the role of Liv Moore in the series, revealed several elements that will be showcased in the upcoming Season 3 of the series.

SPOILER ALERT: The following write-up contains spoilers for the upcoming season of "iZombie."

Talking with DC Entertainment, McIver said that there will be an entirely new storyline in Season 3 and fans will love to watch the events of the third season. She said there will be a battle between zombies of her kind, who are good and helping, and the bad ones who want to completely destroy the human kind.

McIver also stated that fans will love to watch what is in store for Liv and her gang, as everybody knows about the existence of the zombies now.

"I'm really excited that that kind of dynamic shift will kind of open up a bunch of other humour, I think," McIver said.

McIver revealed that while the brain-of-the-week format of the show will continue, where she will eat the brain of a victim every week to find about his/her killer. She added that "other zombies will be taking on other characters as well. So that, that should change the playing field a bit."

In a lighter vein, McIver said that she would love to watch all the cast members sing and dance, and said that she really wants to see Major (Robert Buckley) eat a ballerina's brain.

When asked which actors would she want to see reprising their roles in Season 3, McIver revealed that she is a huge fan of Clive (Malcolm Goodwin) and Dale (Jessica Harmon).

According to Ecumenical News, a new villain will also be introduced in the third season after Vaughn Du Clark and his daughter Rita died in the previous season. It will be the new owner of Max Rager who first appeared in Season 2 finale with an army of zombies who are significantly more savage than the usual zombies.

The premiere date of "iZombie" Season 3 has not been revealed yet but fans might get to hear the latest update regarding the air date soon.