David Anders, who plays the role of Blaine in The CW's comedy-drama series "iZombie," recently revealed that his character Blaine, who also happens to be the primary antagonist in the series, might not be able to remember anything of his past and may turn into a good guy in the upcoming Season 3 of the series.

The previous two seasons mostly emphasised on the story of Blaine and his criminal activities that included killing of innocent people and selling their brains for a living. However, recent rumours suggest that in Season 3, Blaine will be more like a protagonist than a villain.

Anders is apparently happy with the decision and is looking forward to playing a good guy for a change. This will be the first time when his character will be seen helping the lead characters instead of fighting them.

Blaine was first introduced in Season 2. After he had the zombie cure, he stopped killing people and selling human brains to zombies. However, he let his men do all the dirty work and in the process, lost most of his past memories.

Blaine didn't have any memory of his friends and enemies, and even forgot about Mr. Boss and Peyton. Miraculously, he still remembered Ravi (Rahul Kohli) and Live Moore (Rose McIver); two of his most prominent enemies.

Nevertheless, Season 2 finale hinted that Blaine might be recovering and getting his memories back as in the episode, he knew where Mr. Boss' hideout was. He also retained his fighting skills as while protecting Peyton, he single-handedly defeated every henchman of Mr. Boss.

Recent rumours suggest that all this time Blaine was actually faking his amnesia. The rumour first surfaced when Anders addressed a speculation during the San Diego Comic-Con. According to Movie News Guide, Anders said that he has no idea if Blaine is just pretending to have amnesia. The writers haven't revealed it and Anders said that he prefers it this way.

Talking about Blaine's fate in the upcoming episode, Anders said: "I can be honest that I wanted to get his memory back because it's a bit castrating for Blaine. I miss the old cat."