Season 3 of The CW's comedy-drama series "iZombie" is actively moving ahead with the production and while the fans are eagerly waiting for the upcoming season, series star Rose McIver has hinted about her character in Season 3.

Talking with TV Line, McIver discussed why Liv can't be with any other man as it is an obvious fact that what it could do to the man, given that she is a zombie and anyone who sleeps with her would also become one.

"No one wants to get cast as Liv's love interest. They know where they're going," McIver said.

Talking about if the fans will get to see Liv and Major (Robert Buckley) together again in Season 3, McIver said that only time will decide that. There is a significant possibility of them reuniting as just like Liv, Major is also a zombie and it shouldn't be a problem.

"I love that they're friends first. They've been able to stand by each other through thick and thin," she said.

According to Yibada, Buckley said that if Liv and Major will be getting together, it will take some time as currently, Liv is still recovering from the death of two of the closest men in her life.

"It's a really complicated thing - she's grieving two dead boyfriends. It's not that easy to jump straight back in with Major. I think they're really great for each other, and they love each other," Buckley said.

In the meantime, McIver requested the fans not to be sad on Liv and Major's decision to remain friends for now as in the third season, there will be sadder stories on which the fans can focus.

"I was devastated by Drake passing away, but I was equally devastated by Clive Babineaux and his longtime love Dale Bozzio's breakup. I just want Babineaux to be happy - bloody Liv, ruining everything by being a zombie."

Besides McIver and Buckley, "iZombie" Season 3 will also star David Anders (Blaine), Malcolm Goodwin (Babineaux), Rahul Kohli (Ravi), Aly Nichalka (Peyton), Nick Purcha (Evan) and Molly Hagan (Eva).

The network hasn't announced yet that how many episodes Season 3 will have. It is expected that "iZombie" Season 3 will air in the second half of this year.