Fans of The CW's "iZombie" are definitely up for a pleasant surprise when the show returns from its mid-season break in 2016. Rose McIver, who portrays the character of Olivia "Liv" Moore, the protagonist of the series, has announced that "Veronica Mars" star Kristen Bell will be making a guest appearance in the upcoming episode, titled "Fifty Shades of Grey Matter".

The 35-year-old Bell, an actress and a singer, has numerous accolades to her name. She has narrated "Gossip Girl" and voiced Anna in Disney's 2013 animated movie "Frozen". Bell is all set to play a voice-over role in "Fifty Shades of Grey Matter", the 11th episode of "iZombie" Season 2, scheduled to air on 26 January.

The episode will act as a "Veronica Mars" reunion episode, with Bell working with several actors from "Veronica Mars" who have eventually joined the cast of "iZombie". Some of the prominent ones are Percy Daggs III, Daran Norris, Ryan Hansen, David Starzyk and Adam Rose.

The episode will be directed by "Veronica Mars" creator Rob Thomas, who has also developed "iZombie". It will be the first time two leading female characters from Thomas' two TV series face each other.

McIver, who narrates the "iZombie" episodes, said in the announcement video: "We are big fans of hers [Bell] and we are very, very excited that she is doing a part in our show." She added: "And thank you Rob Thomas for the hookup. Hope you guys enjoy."

In the episode, Liv will eat the brain of a librarian who died of poisoning. While investigating, Liv finds out that the librarian was also an erotic fiction writer. What part Bell will be playing in the episode has not been revealed yet.

"iZombie" is a live-television-series adaptation of the DC Comics of the same name. Chris Roberson and Michael Allred had created the comic book series.

"iZombie" Season 2 will continue on 12 January, Tuesday with Episode 10 titled "Method Head" on The CW.