In the latest episode of The CW's 'iZombie' season 2 titled "Love & Basketball," it seems Liv will acquire the traits of a dead basketball coach after consuming her brain. 

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According to the synopsis of the episode, Liv, Babineaux and Ravi will investigate the mysterious death of a basketball coach. After consuming the brain of the overzealous coach, Live gives a pep talk to Major to boost his confidence.

Meanwhile, things are not very good for Ravi and Blaine as they are left with no other option than working together to recreate the cure.

Elsewhere, Babineaux receives a surprise visit from Suzuki's widow who has some shocking information for him.

Babineaux has still no idea that Liv is a zombie and continues to work with her without suspecting her of any corpse-eating crime.

We had earlier reported that in the previous episode titled "Even Cowgirls Get the Black and Blues," after eating the brain of a country singer waitress, Liv performed on a guitar in front of a crowd as she had acquired singing skills.

Besides, Babineaux met a new female colleague who is an FBI agent. Design & Trend reported that this new agent could be the love interest of Babineaux and he may look forward to working with her.

Ravi is still having a hard time trusting Blaine. Hence, in the upcoming episode, when they are compelled to work together, Ravi finds it hard to control his temper.

On the other hand, Blaine is also nervous and reluctant to team up with Ravi. He doubts Ravi hasn't forgiven him and has agreed to work with him only to humiliate Blaine more.

How Liv's athletic skills lead to the criminal this time will be seen only in the next episode.