The second season of "iZombie" is all set to premiere on The CW on 6 October. The official synopsis mentions that the story will pick up from where season 1 ended, with Major Lilywhite (Robert Buckley) being attacked by Blaine DeBeers (David Anders) and Dr Ravi Chakrabarti (Rahul Kohli) trying his best to get hold of some Utopium.

The newly-released synopsis for season 2 episode 1, titled "Grumpy Old Liv", reveals that after being stabbed by Blaine in the season 1 finale, Major will experience some side effects of the zombie cure given to him by Dr Ravi.

Earlier, in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, executive producer Rob Thomas said Major will enter season 2 "as non-zombie, as fully human". However, the synopsis states that there would be problems with his new-found humanity.

In season 1's the final episode, titled "Blaine's World", Liv Moore (Rose McIver) tried to save Major's life by turning him into a zombie after he was stabbed by Blaine. However, instead of thanking her for saving his life, Major accused his ex-fiancĂ©e of "playing god."

In order to cure him, Liv injected Major with the second and last dose of Dr. Ravi's antidote and it seemed that finally Major got his humanity back. However, Dr. Ravi told Liv that the zombie antidote was under testing phase and it still needed a few months of observation.

It might be a possible hint at the fact that Major is soon to experience side effects of the cure and he will start losing his humanity again. Also, the cure is expected to last only for a limited period of time as Dr. Ravi's zombie rat, who received the cure, died after 48 hours of getting the antidote.

Neither Thomas nor his fellow executive producer Diane Ruggiero-Wrightno have revealed any details about Major's role in the upcoming season; therefore, it can be assumed that the side effects of the antidote will be a significant part of season 2.

In an interview with TVLine, Thomas said, "I love his [Major's] season two mission, but it is a big reveal in the first episode.

"It's a fun reveal, and I can't wait for people to see it. But he is definitely got a big mission for season two."

In another interview with Hollywood Life, Ruggiero-Wright also said that the show will introduce a different version of Major during the show's sophomore run.

"He's going to get even more different. There is a lot of changes for him. The Major storyline is one that I'm most proud of and that Rob, I think to his credit, was talking about from the very beginning," he added.