ivan Wong
ivan Wong

"Photography has many categories, and each requires a different set of eyes and skills. While fundamentals are common, it's also important to grow tailored skills in these areas", expresses Ivan Wong, a photographer from new york. While many are still struggling in the photography industry, Wong has well established himself as a modern-day photographer, who has mastered his unique approach- inception style photos, light trail photography, and colorful portraits.

Ivan Wong, who identifies himself as a photophile, commenced his journey around 2015 after being graduated from the University of Southern California. His dilemma regarding career choice, self-introspection, and experimentation led him to choose photography. He started on Instagram, putting out his work on social platforms gained him a huge audience. Today Ivan wong has over 130k followers on Instagram, who regularly interact with his content and appreciate the same.

Ivan Wong takes inspiration from the huge skyscrapers of the city to the vintage and aesthetic buildings on the old streets of New York. He indulges with popular trends to find inspo for photography which includes neo-noir, cityscapes, utilization of light, futuristic themes (including Tron, Blade Runner, Inception, Devil May Cry, and so more), and cyberpunk.

Ivan Wong has worked with popular brands such as Audi, Razer, Gillette, DJI, and more. Initially, he got his break as a founding member of the Sony Alpha Imaging Collective, a group of talented photographers hand-picked by Sony to represent their brand and as a member of Team Pixel to represent the Pixel phone's camera at google.

Ivan spends most of his time refining his knowledge and skills about photography.

He has also produced a record with dua lipa in "Alita: The Battle Angel", filmed the music video from the 'Continuum' album, 'Tidal,' for Shook, created the cover art for "Lace-up" and "Empire" by Wengie, and co-produced the music video for JVNA's "I'm With You," among others.

When not working, Ivan wong spends his time exploring new places and brainstorming new ideas for his Instagram page. He is also known for his excellent Instagram feed and the creativity he puts on in content creation. Ivan Wong is truly an inspiration for all aspiring photographers. His unique ideas for photos and brilliant approach to style and technique will certainly contribute to his iconic collection and success of the same.