Ivan Maryadaraman
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The much-awaited Dileep moive, "Ivan Maryadaraman", finally hit the screens on 4 April. The movie, which is the remake of Telgu movie "Ivan Marydaramanna", has Nikki Galrani in the lead role opposite Dileep.

Most of the critics rate "Ivan Maryadaraman" as an average entertainer. The biggest drawback which the movie is said to have is that it lacks novelty as it is the exact copy of the original version.

Reviews suggest that director Suresh Diwakar and scriptwriters Uday Krishna and Sibi K Thomas had nothing much to do, but make the movie exactly like the Telugu version to avoid any controversy.

Meanhwhile, the performance of the actors and the music of the movie is seen as the positive aspects which makes it a worthy one to watch.

Here are the reviews of "Ivan Maryadaraman" by various critics:

Onlookers Media

The film does not have anything extra ordinary in it and it may also not very pleasing to someone who already saw the Telugu version from which this has been made as far as we are concerned it has not raised up to the quality of the Telugu version. But it does not disappoint the family audience who wishes to relax and get entertained by going to a cinema hall. We cannot predict what may be its fate in the box office and it will purely depend on the response of family audience who will come to theatre from the next days onwards.


Well the basic question here I think is how do you create a remake of a hit film in another language which has a different culture from ours. We as an audience accepts Maryada Ramanna as a foreign concept narrated in their own style. Where Suresh Divakar and UdayaKrishna – Sibi K Thomas has failed is in converting the plot suitable to our culture and sensibilities. The camera angles, jokes, talking bicycle, background score, type of sets, get up of characters and even couple of songs are the exact copy (with rights) of the original Telugu movie. No offence to the makers, but the dubbing of Rajamouli movie would have done the same job. As I said, all these criticism are on the basis of creativity of makers as they haven't done anything to give the story their own signature. For someone who has no clue about the storyline, it is a passable entertainer with excessive drama, enough comedy and not so convincing exaggeration.


Coming to cast, Dileep steal the show with his elegant talent to initiate comedy sequences. The character of Raman seems to be great, providing a full entertainment throughout the running time.

Nikki Galrani also done her part well; as the role of Krishnenthu stands as a great factor in Raman's life; which the only one he trusts inside the house; though she knows much about the happenings.

Other characters portrayed by Saju Navodaya, Abu Salim, Nagineedu, Thara Kalyan, Manju Satheesh, etc stands along the film well suited.