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Michael McQueen, a Sydney-based award-winning speaker, business strategist and trend forecaster told that some products, services, and industries will soon become extinct as a result of the rapid changes around the world.

McQueen, in his latest book, How to Prepare Now for What's Next gives a list of things that will soon absent from our daily lives and talk about how Australians can "futureproof" their lives.

"In 10 years' time, the world will be so incredibly different... 47 percent of current professions could potentially disappear within the next 15 years or be significantly eroded by technology and automation... Professions, where the majority of things you do are 'human', are the safest. Repetitive, transactional stuff will disappear," said McQueen in his book, according to the website.

So what are the things that will be extinct soon?


iTunes, the media player, media library, Internet radio broadcaster developed by Apple Inc will be gone by early 2019, said McQueen. According to him, sources have "pointed to a plan to completely terminate iTunes music download sales by early 2019".

However, Apple has denied that they are planning to do any such things.

Credit cards:

According to McQueen, credits cards will soon be a thing of past. reported the social researcher saying that Square's Pay By Name system, which identifies buyers and shows their faces on the screen so that transaction is just a click away, will be the next big thing in the future.

Car parks:

Things related to cars will change drastically in the future. As recent trends suggested cars will soon become driverless and this means it will be less common for people to own vehicles. This will make car parks and car insurance go extinct.

"Parking is a nightmare — it makes more sense for the car to drop you off and go home or go into an Uber-style pool of other cars and earn you cash while you're at work...The impact of driverless cars will be that less of us own cars — there's a prediction that within the next three decades, owning a car will be like owning a horse," said McQueen, as reported by the website.

Petrol stations

With cars become increasingly electric, what is the need for petrol pumps? However, we are likely to see more car charging booths in the near future.

Call centres

Technology research company Gartner has estimated that by 2020, AI-powered chatbots will do 85 percent of customer service interactions.

McQueen says that technology is way cheaper than humans and are also more efficient, reported the website.

Foreign language

Translation devices are on their way and this means bye-bye to the need of learning foreign languages. These devices don't even need Bluetooth or wi-fi connections.