When it rained money on Dubai roads
When it rained money on Dubai roadsYouTube Screenshot

It literally rained money in Dubai recently, as surprised motorists abandoned their cars and rushed out onto the roads to collect the hundreds of 500AED notes. 

The money rain mystery has perplexed many and still remains to be resolved, reported Daily Mail

It is estimated that thousands of 500 UAE Dirham notes -- worth about $136 each -- rained down in the middle of the road in the Jumeirah area. Local authorities are yet to give an explanation on how all that money came down on the roads. 

Eyewitness claim that the money rain continued for several minutes, though none of them have a clue where all that money was coming from.

A local resident claimed that his wife pulled over her car to film how people rushed out in the middle of the road to collect the money,while  other car drivers manoeuvred around to dodge the cash collectors.

"'It was just raining money. It was 500 AED notes which is worth quite a lot. It was a lot of money," he said.

The incident that took place on 11 February at around 3 pm was brought under control only after the police intervened and ushered the people away.