Farah Khan and Kapil Sharma
Farah Khan and Kapil SharmaVarinder Chawla/Twitter

Farah Khan, some days ago, made a cryptic tweet, and slammed some "mannerless" people. Apparently, the film-maker was venting her anger against none other than Kapil Sharma, and called the comedian manner less.

SpotboyE contacted Farah, asking if her discontent was meant towards Kapil in regard to the special screening of Firangi, and the lady's response appears to be affirmative.

In the tweet, Farah had slammed some people for inviting her for events through just Whatsapp messages that are very much forwarded in nature.

"Dear Mannerless people, if u want me 2 attend ur premier/preview/party DON,T send me a " janta invite" on WhatsApp! U r not doing me a favour! The least u can do is make a personal call. If u cant find the time for it what makes u think i hav time 2 get ready n cm for you??!" she had tweeted.

When the entertainment portal asked Farah if it was targeted towards Kapil she said, "It was not just Kapil Sharma. There were two to three other events happening on the same day. I was referring to all of them."

Farah's comment clearly revealed that Kapil's way of invitation for the screening of Firangi had also irked the lady, and her tweet was very much targeted to him too. Farah posted the tweet on November 29, and just a day after a special screening of the movie was held.

It seems that not just Farah, but a lot of celebrities did not like Kapil's "janta invite" as the event was attended by just a few people from the industry, and no big stars were spotted there.

"Farah is a very cool person. You can bet your last shirt that the message sent to her and many others was a mere forward with no personal start or footnote- no head and no tail. So, why on earth would many not get offended?" the report quoted a source as saying.