Security around possible top targets for terror attacks in Rome and Milan has been stepped up after information was provided by the US, local media in Rome reported on Thursday.

The US State Department passed on a warning to Italian security services that some major sites such as St. Peter's Basilica , the opera house and the cathedral in Milan could be identified as potential targets for Islamic terrorist attacks, Ansa news agency reported.

The information came from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), which in turn received it from the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), Ansa said citing security sources.

The US Embassy in Rome had issued a similar security message for US citizens, on Wednesday, warning that these three major sites could be possibly targeted as well as "general venues such as churches, synagogues, restaurants, theatres, and hotels in both cities".

"Terrorist groups may possibly utilize similar methods used in the recent Paris attacks," it added.

The US Embassy however did not warn against travelling to Italy.