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Adam Sandler is known for his comic roles in all his films and his upcoming movie "Ridiculous Six" is like the western spoof of "The Magnificent Seven". But some actors, especially the native American ones, seem to have taken the language of the script to heart and have reportedly walked out of the shoot.

But some of his co-actors in the movie have defended the script, saying it is a comedy and meant to be funny. So even if the language used in the movie is 'offensive', it should not be taken to heart.

Vanilla Ice, being part Choctaw, has stood up in defence of the actor and expressed surprise at those who have quit the movie just because their sentiments were hurt. "This movie isn't 'Dancing with Wolves' ... it's comedy," he told TMZ, adding that he is trying to see the situation from both sides.

Some of the movie's extras are supporting the script and understand that this does not mean any disrespect towards the natives.

"It's going to make fun of a lot of things that most people make fun of," said Carma Harvey, explaining that the movie is not targeting Native Americans in particular.

The recent cellphone footage shows the actor and the producer arguing about changing the names of characters, such as "Beaver Breath" and "Wears no Bra". But instead of agreeing, the producer asked the extras to leave the set, as he was "overly sensitive about it".

Though Adam Sandler and his team have been unavailable for comments, the extras said they were not only unhappy with character names like "Beaver's Breath" and "Wears No Bra", but were also disgusted by the movie's portrayal of Native American culture.

"Ridiculous Six" has yet to announce a release date. Shooting on the Netflix original film began in February and the cast includes Will Forte, Taylor Lautner, Steve Buscemi, Danny Trejo, Terry Crews, Luke Wilson, Nick Nolte and Rob Schneider.