Kochi, Jan 2 (ANI): Huge crowd gathered at Fort Kochi Beach in India's southern state of Kerala on Tuesday to watch bikers race on sand. Bikers from Kerala and neighboring states participated in the race which was part of the ongoing Cochin Carnival 2014. Professional and amateur bikers chased down each other to win the 30th edition of the race. He further said due to less sponsors, not many bikers participated in the race but it still drew huge crowd being a popular event. Each participant is required to have a valid license to take part. Special tyres with huge blocks of rubber are installed in a bike for better grip and to avoid skidding during the race. The crowd enjoyed the race and cheered whenever a biker passed by. The bikers practice for months on the beach to participate in this event. Trainers are also available but in less numbers. Cochin Carnival 2014 is one of the most awaited events in southern city of Kochi where tourists from other countries also come to witness the revelry. Celebrated in the last week of December, it sees procession of elephants, dance and music, games, races, fireworks and a host of other activities to usher in the New Year.