ban on social media
[Representational Image]Creative Commons/James Brauer

Following Cyberabad Police's directives to prevent Indians from getting influenced by Islamic State militants through social media, Information technology (IT) companies will soon start keeping a tab on its employees' surfing habits.

Cyberabad Police's advisory came at the backdrop of rising number of software professionals getting lured by the jihadi preachings of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS). It wants the companies to ensure that its employees are not accessing terror-related information online, according to a report by The Times of India.

The Cyberabad Police was inspired by some software companies, which have been voluntarily watching their employees' activities online and has banned access to any social networking sites at office.

It was after holding at least three meetings with the heads of IT companies, to analyse the preparedness for lone-wolf terror attacks, hostage crisis or other emergencies, that the Cyberabad Police decided to pass a directive for all other companies as well.

The advisory mandates all IT firms to restrict access to social networking groups associated with Iraq, Syria, Pakistan and other terror-hit countries. It has also asked the companies to raise an alarm in case they witness any suspicious activities by any of their employees. The firms also need to enhance internet security features and remote sensing.

Apart from this, the companies have also been asked to have foolproof multiple-layer anti-sabotage measures and to keep a vigil on people visiting the company building.

"Three meetings have taken place so far and police gave different SOPs about our security mechanism, reaction during a hostage crisis or an armed attack. The companies were told to keep blueprints of their buildings ready and ensure complete surveillance of their premises,'' Society for Cyberabad Security Council secretary V Srinivas Prasad told TOI.