An Israeli-Arab man reportedly paraglided out of Jaljuliya to enter Syria to join the Islamic State - inadvertently sparking the rumour that Isis has captured an Israeli pilot.

Since Saturday, reports have been doing the rounds that the Isis had captured an Israeli pilot. Even the Sunni terror group boasted on Twitter that it had an Israeli pilot as hostage. 

According to The Jewish Press, the Israel Defence Force, who were at that time not aware about the background of the pilot, launched a massive search and rescue operation. Several helicopters, jets and even ground troops were sent to the border near Golan Heights.

The 23-year-old Arab Israeli man reportedly flew out of Jaljuliya, an Israeli-Arab town located east of Kfar Saba near Shomron and landed near Golan Heights on the Syrian side. 

The Isis affiliate Liwaa Al-Shahada on Saturday night claimed that it had captured an Israeli pilot inside the Dara'a Governorate's western countryside.The group claimed that the pilot ejected out of the aerial vehicle after losing control near Daraa, it is reported.

Israel now has ordered for the cancellation of the citizenship of the Israeli-Arab. An investigation has been launched into his background and radical links.