Syria on Thursday said Israeli jets have hit a military base in the western region of the country. The announcement has come amid reports of a strike on a chemical weapons factory, according to reports.

An Army statement said rockets fired from Lebanese airspace targeted the site near Masyaf, which killed two soldiers.

Smoke and flames rise after air strikes in Syria [Representational Image]Reuters

According to BBC reports, an unconfirmed Arab news outlet issued a report saying a chemical weapons production factory was hit during the attack.

Israel has not yet commented on the attack. The Middle-Eastern nation has reportedly carried out clandestine attacks on weapons site in Syria before.

The incident has taken place a day after the United Nations (UN) stated that the Bashar al-Assad-ruled Syrian government was behind the deadly chemical weapons attack on a rebel-held town in the nation. The incident, which occurred in April killed at least 83 people.

The Assad government, however, has denied using chemical weapons on Khan Sheikhoun, the region which was targeted in the attack.

There are also intelligence reports which state that Syria is continuing to produce chemical weapons, in direct violation to a deal signed by the nation in 2013 to get rid of them.

More details of the incident are awaited.