Israel's Iron Dome shot down a rocket aimed at the city of Ashkelon using its anti-rocket battery late on Friday, following which the Israeli Air Force struck at three places in Gaza on Saturday. 

The Isis-affiliated Salafist organsation, 'The Sheikh Omar Hadid Brigade' , took responsibility for the rocket attack on Ashkelon on Twitter, while the Israel Defence Forces blamed Hamas for the previous rocket attacks on Friday, The Jerusalem Post said. 

Earlier on Friday, a rocket was fired from the Gaza Strip that exploded in Sderot, causing damages to a home. No injuries were reported in both the incidents, but the rocket attacks prompted the Israeli forces to strike at three locations in Gaza, including a Hamas telecom facility.

Hamas had reportedly declared a 'day of rage' on Friday as a response to the violence on Temple Mount, a sensitive region contested by Jews and Muslims, with the latter considering it as the Al-Aqsa mosque compound.

Protests at the holy site in Jerusalem in recent days have raised tensions in the region following clashes between Palestinians and Israeli forces.