israel elections
Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (R) and Isaac Herzog, Co-leader of the centre-left Zionist Union, are pictured together as campaign billboards rotate in Tel Aviv, March 9, 2015.Reuters

As Benjamin Netanyahu raked up votes to win the cut-throat Israel elections on Tuesday, many of his supporters as well as other netizens took potshots at the United States and US President Barack Obama, given that the relations between the two seem to have soured recently. 

Netanyahu's Likud party won 29 seats in the Knesset, and it is most likely that he will continue to be the Israeli Prime Minister if he manages to whip up a right-wing coalition. 

Opinion polls had shown Netanyahu had fallen out of favour with most Israelis despite his scathing attack on Iran and a veiled one on Obama over the nuclear deal on the floor of the US Congress. 

Obama had given the Israeli leader a cold shoulder after his loaded speech, claiming that he said nothing new. 

On Tuesday, as the election results showed Netanyahu's victory, media reports and even Twitterati focused on the future of the US-Israel relations with Obama in the White House till at least next year. 

'Netanyahu could remain thorn in Obama's side,' Reuters said after the exit poll trends.

The New York Times had put up a scathing editorial article on Tuesday, terming Netanyahu as 'racist', and calling him 'desperate and craven'. 

The Guardian had stated in its live blog that it was "fair to say that a Netanyahu victory will not be greeted with universal joy in the White House."

Here are some Twitter reactions on the same thought:

However, many people on Twitter expressed concern over Netanyahu's re-election, especially on the Palestine issue. Palestinian Authority officials told Haaretz on Wednesday that the election results showed Israel was not keen on peaceful relations.