Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu
Israel Prime Minister Benjamin NetanyahuReuters

With just two more days to go for the Israel Elections 2015, exit poll predictions claim that the tides have turned against the incumbent Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and an ouster from office looks like a strong possibility. 

Multiple news reports claim that Netanyahu could lose the 2015 elections as he has fallen out of favour of the people. The Israeli newspaper Haaretz in its report compared Netanyahu to "a pilot who loses altitude and finds himself in a tailspin."  

The Haaretz report concluded that in all eventuality, Netanyahu will have to resign, especially as Kulanu party's Moshe Kahlon is expected to win 12 or 13 seats on the election day of 17 March. In such circumstances, Netanyahu's party Likud would drop below the 20 seats.

While reports have predicted that Netanyahu's Likud Party is expected lose several seats, according to NYDailyNews the once-marginal Arab factions would gain to become a formidable political party following the 17 March elections.

It is predicted that the Israel elections 2015 will have a coalition government run by the Zionist Union party, which is an alliance of Israel's Labor party, led by Herzog, and Livni's Hatnuah party that backs peace talks with Palestinians.

Benjamin Netanyahu has been Israel's longest-serving prime minister since David Ben Gurion. He took over power for the first time in 1996 and held the PM's office till 1999. He achieved a political comeback in 2009 and has remained the prime minister ever since.

According to The Independent, Benjamin Netanyahu is staring down the barrel of defeat as his core voters are leaving Likud and will be voting for the Zionist Union.

The mood among the Israeli voters in general is that of a "Bibi-fatigue" as he is being seen as a leader disconnected from the daily worries of his people, who are concerned about the economy and the gap between the rich and poor more than the intentions of distant Iran, The Telegraph observed.