IS beheads US journalist
This screenshot of the video released by the Islamic State shows US photojournalist James Foley along with his executioner.Screenshot of the IS video taken from SITE Intelligence

The Islamic State has now threatened to behead an Iraqi news cameraman, who refused to work for the Sunni militant group.

According to NBC News, IS has kidnapped journalist Raad Mohamed Al-Azzawi and is now threatening to execute him.

Earlier in the week, the the group had released the beheading video of British aid worker David Cawthorne Haines. Two American journalists - James Foley and Steven Sotloff - have also been executed by the terrorist organisation earlier.

Reporters Without Borders stated that they are worried about the fate of Al-Azzawi, a cameraman with Sama Salah Aldeen TV, who was taken prisoner by IS on 7 September.

"The Islamic State since its emergence has made journalists a terror target," said Virginie Dangles, assistant research director of Reporters Without Borders. "The terrorist organization, in setting up an apparatus for kidnapping and executing news professionals, is attempting to eliminate all those who refuse to swear allegiance to ISIS."

Al-Azzawi is one of 20 men captured by the militants during their raid in Samara, in Salahuddin province, north of Baghdad.

The militant group has now announced that it is going to behead the journalist publically, after he refused to work for them, reported Al Arabiya.

Zyiad Al-Ajily, director of the Iraq-based Journalistic Freedoms Observatory, told NBC News that the militants are angry with the cameraman as he had filmed Iraqi security forces fighting the group but has now refused to work for the militants.

"Then ISIS announced that they were going to behead Raad for working with the government," al-Ajily pointed out.

Several local journalists have been taken hostage since the Islamic State's advances in Iraq. A female anchor for Al-Mosulyah TV has been missing since June.

According to a local report, which was also confirmed by Reporters Without Borders, IS has publicly threatened nine journalists in the Mosul and Salahuddin provinces, demanding they cease their work and join Islamic State or face execution.