The Islamic State fighters in Syria are currently losing their grip on northern Syria  and are being pushed back or reduced in numbers by attacks from all sides. The Kurdish militia and the coalition airstrikes have reduced the strong-hold of ISIS.

"Daesh is becoming weaker and weaker after our recent offensive in al Hawl, near the Iraqi border. They are retreating in large numbers—the era of their destruction has started," said YPG commander Lawand Rojava, as reported by Sky News.

The team of Sky News met with a man called Mazlan, who did not wish to reveal his identity. He said he was terrified and told the team his uncle was murdered by the ISIS who was accused of being a spy.

He also added: "They made a false accusation against him and they beheaded him and they didn't deliver us back his corpse—this is the hardest thing for me. Thousands have been killed," Sky News reported.

It is believed that the Islamic State has been committing genocide to retain their stronghold which has weakened due to the coalition airstrikes, according to Sky News.

The sound of jets flying over the capital city of Raqqa has become a regular feature now. Northern Syria sports a deserted look—smashed windows and damaged buildings is the current landscape in northern Syria.

That has led to history's largest refugee movement. However, to a large extent, Kurdish troops have been able to restrict the Islamic State's supply lines, launching a number of offensives,a Sky News report stated.