A new video released by the Islamic State (Isis) shows the Sunni terror group releasing dozens of inflated condoms fitted with explosives devices into the Syrian sky to target Russian jets.

The video, which is also available on LiveLeak, was released on 21 October. The three-minute bizarre footage shows the Isis militants attaching explosives on inflated contraceptives while chanting 'Allahu Akbar.' The inflated condoms are later taken out and released into the air. The Isis men then blow up a few of the inflated airborne-bombs, which explode with a loud bang.

According to Express.co.uk, the video shows the desperation of the Isis jihadis, who are now ready to stoop to any level to attack the Russians. Since 30 September, the Russian air force has launched a massive air campaign against Isis jihadis in Syria.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights recently reported that 243 members of Nusra, Isis and other Islamist factions have been killed in the Russian airstrikes.

Russia also has unleashed some of the most deadly weapons from its arsenal to wipe out the jihadi forces in Syria. As per latest report, Moscow soon plans to test its 'drop and forget' supersonic smart bomb KAB-250 against Isis.

Recent reports also said that Russians have given Syrians one of its deadliest weapons - the TOS - 1A Heavy Flamethrower System also known as the Blazing Sun, so powerful, that it can incinerate eight city blocks.