Reports say Israeli special forces have carried out a daring operation inside an Islamic State(Isis)-held region in Syria to rescue the last Jewish family living in the area.

And as the details of the rescue mission emerged it was revealed that Isis unwittingly ended up helping the Jews, whom they were planning to kill.

According to The Jewish Chronicle, the Israeli Defence Forces were asked to carry out a covert operation in the region after receiving information that Isis was planning to carry out an "imminent" attack against the seven-member family in Aleppo.

The Israeli forces have been preparing for months to carry out a rescue operation to help the save the Jewish family from Isis, the report said.

The rescue mission, however, became a matter of priority after an Israeli-American businessman, Moti Kahana, who has links with the "moderate rebels" in Syria got a tip-off that Isis was plotting an attack on the Jewish family in Aleppo.

While the entire details of the operation have not been revealed, it is reported that Kahana played a major in helping to save the Jewish family from Isis.

The IDF in recent months has carried out several secret operations to save Israelis from conflict-ridden regions such as Yemen and Ethiopia.

A 3-man Israel special ops reportedly entered Aleppo and one day knocked on the door of the family. The seven-member family was asked to pack one bag and were quickly asked to board a minibus that was waiting for them.

They were also given fake passports, which were then produced to an Isis fighter at a checkpoint. The family told the Isis that they were running away from the "tyrant" Assad.

It is reported that hearing this, the Isis fighter was "so impressed" that he messaged the Isis guards on other checkpoints to give safe passage to the minibus.

After over 36 hours of travel, the Jewish family finally arrived in Istanbul safely.