Islamic State
An ISIS fighter. [Representational Image]Reuters

Several reports suggest that Isis militants have been hit by a deadly disease called Leishmaniasis, which is spreading rapidly and can even wipe out the group. More than one lakh cases of the disease have been reported in the Islamic State so far. 

Some sections of the British media reported that the flesh-eating parasite is fast infecting thousands of Isis fighters, especially in Syria's Raqqa city. 

The jihadists are refusing to seek medical treatment for the disease that can prove to be fatal, according to British tabloid Mirror

Leishmaniasis, transmitted through the bite of a sandfly, is said to be spreading due to the lack of medical staff and facilities in the Islamic State, and due to poor hygiene conditions, according to the reports.  

According to the World Health Organisation, the common form of the disease "causes ulcers on exposed parts of the body", while the more severe forms can be fatal as they affect vital organs and destroy membranes in the mouth and nose. 

Last year, a flesh-eating maggot disease called Myiasis was reported from Syria.

The topic caught the attention of Twitteratti, with some netizens terming the terror group's affliction as "karma" for its brutalities.