Indian Isis recruit Abu Abdullah Al hindi identified as Sultan Abdul Kadir Armar.Twitter/Magnet

Intelligence reports have reportedly revealed that one of two Indian Isis recruits, who died fighting for the terrorist group in the city of Kobani along the Syria-Turkey border earlier this month, was from Karnataka's Bhatkal town.

The Intelligence sources told The Indian Express that "Abu Abdullah al-Hindi" has been identified as 39-year-old Sultan Abdul Kadir Armar and he belongs to Bhatkal. Armar died fighting for the jihadists in the Kobani city of Syria on 6 March.

The news of his death was first reported by the Indian jihadist group Ansar al-Tauhid fi'Bilad al-Hind in a statement released on Thursday that said, "His intense urge to establish Islam and the pathetic condition of the Muslim Ummah (nation) forced him to leave behind his loved ones, seeking Allah's pleasure and eternal paradise."

Later on Saturday, 14 March, one of the Isis Twitter handler 'Magnet gas' tweeted photographs of the jihadist along with his messages, that revealed their hatred towards Prime Minister Narendra Modi for the 2002 Gujarat riots, in which thousands were killed, mostly Muslims.

"Abu abdullah al hindi 'Not one lion of india to kill the devil Modi who massacre so many muslims in Gujrat'," Magnet Gas tweeted along with his pictures. The other Indian jihadist he was talking about was named "Abu Uthman al-Hindi."

Who was Armar?

Armar was born on 7 December 1975 to a small business man Shabbir Husain Armar and grew up in Nawayath Colony of Bhatkal and studied at the renowned Islamic seminary Nadwat-ul-Ullema.

Later in 2004, Armar along with his brother Shafi Armar joined the Indian Mujahideen (IM). He came to the wanted list of the National Investigation Agency (NIA) after they arrested the founder of IM and alleged mastermind of Pune's German Bakery bomb blasts, Yasin Bhatkal, in August 2013.

Armar had already left India and had taken refuge in Pakistan where he joined a group of IM operatives but later he severed all ties with the IM and formed his own terror outfit – Isis-affiliated Ansar al-Tauhid.

He was believed to have appeared in videos, with face digitally masked, asking Indian Muslims to join Ansar al-Tauhid and wage a war in the name of jihad.

In one of the speeches, he said, "Rise like Ahmad Shah Abdali and Muhammad ibn-Qasim, like Syed Ahmad the martyr, like the Prophet and his companions, take the Quran in one hand and the sword in the other, and head to the fields of jihad," IE reported.

He urged the newly recruited members of terror organisation to "teach these Brahmins and worshippers of cows, as well as the whole world of unbelievers, that the Indian Muslim is no coward."