A video grab shows Isis supporters in Mosul celebrating the fall of Ramadi.
A video grab shows Isis supporters in Mosul celebrating the fall of Ramadi.Video Grab/YouTube

Islamic State (Isis) militants have imposed severe restrictions during Ramadan on Muslims living in the Iraqi city of Mosul, including 80 lashes for men who allow their womenfolk to step out of their homes alone during fasting hours.

Last week, Isis fighters issued a diktat that included "taboos for women in the month of Ramadan." According to Syrian News, the Ramadan restrictions were imposed from 10 June in Mosul.

The Sunni terrorist group has threatened to punish anybody who is found violating any of the restrictions imposed in the city. Men who allow women to step out of homes before Iftar hours will be flogged, Isis announced. 

Isis has reportedly put up large banners inside Mosul asking residents to compulsory abide by its Ramadan restrictions.

"Women can step out of their homes only in the evenings during Ramadan but they will have to be accompanied by an adult male member of the house," Abu Rakan, a civil rights activist from Mosul told ARA News.

Flouting the Isis diktat will result in up to 80 lashes for the responsible male member of the house the woman belongs to, reported Iraqi news source BasNews.

Some of the other rules imposed by Isis include compulsory closure of shops during the last ten days of Ramadan. Pharmacies, bakeries and food stores have been exempted from the compulsory shut down, according to Press TV.

Isis also has asked everyone to work only for two hours a day, while the rest of the hours must be spent praying.

The radical Islamist group took over Mosul in 2014 and since then, the city has witnessed dozens of brutal executions and killings - all justified by its interpretation of Sharia. Isis, which practises an extreme form of Islam, considers all non-Muslims 'infidels.'