Unable to bear the constant rape and torture a Yazidi woman,being used as sex slave by ISIS has begged the West to bomb her brothel.
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The Islamic State has announced a Quran memorising competition this Ramadan, and is reportedly offering a sex slave as the top prize for the winner. 

Isis has brutalised hundreds of Yazidi women, who have been sold as sex slaves among the jihadists, and this comes as yet another instance of Isis' savage treatment of these women. 

The poster for the Quran competition being held in Syria appeared on social media, in which the terror group has listed 'Sabaya', which means female sex slaves as a prize for the winner.

Rita Katz, head of the SITE Intel group, a watchdog of online jihadist activities, tweeted a picture of the Isis poster announcing the Quran competition.

The Islamic State has also promised cash prizes of up to 100 000 Syrian currency for other winners of the Quran competition,  Daily Mail reported. 

The competition is being held across mosques in Syria and will end this weekend, the report said. 

The brutality of Yazidi women at the hands of Isis fighters has been revealed by several survivors who escaped from the Islamic State and recounted horrid details of their lives as sex slaves. 

Earlier, a UN envoy had said that Yazidi sex slaves were being sold in the Islamic State for 'as little as a pack of cigarettes'.