Men being punished in Syria by ISIS police for playing Music.
Men being punished in Syria by ISIS police for playing Music.ISIS Media

The ISIS religious police in Aleppo beat up four young men for playing music using "un-Islamic" instruments - keyboard and lute.

A Daily Mail report noted that the young men were beaten up in the public square as the ISIS considers the electric instrument "offensive" to Islam.

The raids by the ISIS police are believed have taken place in Bujaq, near Aleppo in Syria, where the four men were punished with 90 lashes.

Images posted on a popular file sharing site showed ISIS policemen hitting the young men on the back and on their legs with a stick.

Later, images showed the two keyboards and a lute smashed and destroyed by the ISIS police.

The report from Syria comes in the wake of the recent killings carried out by ISIS in Mosul, the second largest city of Iraq, where 13 teenage boys were shot dead by the Islamic State militants for watching the Asian Cup football match.

The ISIS religious police apprehended the boys as they watched the football match between Iraq and Jordan last week. The boys reportedly were executed by the ISIS firing squad.

The Islamic State (ISIS) that wants to establish a Muslim country based on its interpretation of Sharia law, has carried out medieval era punishments such as beheading, stoning, crucifixions and even amputation for even minor crimes.