The Islamic State (Isis) terror group has 'mercifully killed' 15 of its own handicapped, bedridden fighters in the Iraqi city of Mosul.

Kurdish officials have claimed that the terrorist organisation executed its own men as the outfit was finding it difficult to take care to them.  According to a report in, the fighters were killed in Ghazlani camp in Mosul.

A spokesperson for the Kurdistan Democratic Party in Mosul, Saeed Mamouzini, told the Iraqi news source that all the handicapped Isis fighters had lost their limbs from waist down while fighting Iraqi and Peshmerga forces.

Mamouzini said that the Isis killed the bedridden fighters over "the inability" of the organisation to give proper care to its injured men. 

Former Iraqi Soldiers Executed

In Mosul, the Isis also executed 32 former Iraqi soldiers. The soldiers were taken captive by Isis last year but were freed later after Isis made them repent. 

Local reports indicate that the Isis again arrested the soldiers and executed them for 'spying' for the Iraqi government.

The development has come days after the Iraqi forces announced they have trained 20,000 soldiers for wresting control of Iraq's second largest city from the Isis.

Mosul was captured by the Isis in June 2014 and since then, the Iraqi city has remained under the control of the terror group.