• An Isis fighter in Qaryatain announces the dictates of the safety contract.Isis media/Twitter
  • Christians in Qaryatain listen to the Isis fighter reading out the new rules.Isis media/Twitter
  • Isis in Qaryatain has asked Christians to follow the rules given out by Abu Bakr al Baghdadi.Isis media/Twitter

Christians currently living in the Syrian town of Qaryatian -- captured by the Islamic State terrorists last month -- have been  given a set of 11 commandments by the Isis leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi as part of a "safety contract" offered by the Sunni group.

Earlier this week, Isis had given an ultimatum to the Christian population living in the Syrian city of Qaryatain to either pay exorbitant taxes, convert to Islam or leave their homes.

According to the UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR), Isis now has brought additional demands on Syrian Christians, who decided to stay back in their homeland and pay the jizyah or jizya tax imposed on non-Muslims (Dhimmis).

Isis fighters recently listed out 11 commandments that all Christians who decided to stay back in Qaryatian must follow.

As per the terms of the so-called "safety contract", all Christians in Qaryatian must abide by the "covenant" and if they keep their word, Baghdadi will ensure that they will not have to give up "their money" nor will they be forced to change their religion. The Isis leader will also ensure that they are not harmed. 

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As per the rules listed by the orders of Isis leader Baghdadi, Christians have been forbidden from having a church and they aren't allowed to even put up a cross.  

"Our entire ancestral homelands have been completely taken and now they won't even allow us to sustain our religious faith in one God and his son Jesus Christ, " Nahren Anweya, an Assyrian-American activist told IBTimes India.

"We have been purged out Mosul, Nineveh, Khabour, Hassaka, Qaryatian and many more ancestral Assyrian homelands. They took our native homelands, our girls, our churches and now they want the few lives we have left."

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Here are the 11 commandments:

* Do not establish any church, monastery and hermitage.
* Do not show a cross or anything from their books in Muslims roads and markets, and not to use amplifiers when they perform their prayers.
* Do not make Muslims hear the recitation of their books and sound of their bells, and to use the bells only inside the churches.
* Do not take any aggressive stance against "Islamic State" such as hiding spies and the wanted, and if they know that there is conspiracy against Muslims they have to report that.
* Do commit themselves not to show something of their rituals of worship.
* Respect Islam and do nothing to hurt Islamic religious beliefs. Show respect to Muslims.
* Must pay four gold dinar annually.
* Christians cannot have weapons.
* Do not trade in the sale of pork or wine with Muslims or in their markets and do not drink wine in public.
* Christians can have their own cemetery.
* Christians should dress modestly.