A shocking report from Syria says that the leader of the Islamic State (Isis), Abu Bakr al Baghdadi, sanctioned the beheading of a woman as a "wedding gift" to a female Sharia judge.

The female judge, a widow, had requested Baghdadi's permission to behead an infidel woman in return for agreeing to marry an Isis fighter, The Daily Mail reported. This is one of the several instances of the Isis brutality, recounted by Syrian woman Leena (name changed), who managed to escape from the clutches of Isis.

The judge -- Roaa Um Khotaba al-Tunisi, a Tunisian woman -- had lost her husband in a battle and since she was young, the Isis wanted her to marry again, Leena told the daily.

The judge said she would agree only if she was allowed to behead an infidel woman. However, Baghdadi gave her permission to behead another female Sharia judge, who was accused of being a spy, revealed Leena, who used to live in El Mayadin in Syria along with her husband and two children.

Like many other women in Syria, Leena initially was impressed by Isis fighters, who claimed to live a life following the will of Allah. However, over the months she realised that the Isis was not only barbaric but was far from Islam.

"They were all after money, gold and slaves and are nothing more than rapists, looters and thieves," she told the newspaper. 

Recounting one incident, Leena said a woman was arrested by the Sharia police on charge of sleeping with a man before marriage. However, the Sharia judge did not wait for any clarification and the woman was flogged in public 80 times. Later, the man turned up with a marriage certificate.

Similarly, in another incident, a mother of two was dragged out in public and flogged for complaining about the Isis on WhatsApp to her sister living in Damascus.

The execution conducted by the female Sharia judge was the last straw for Leena, who realised that people were killed over false accusation. Leena feared she too would meet the same fate and hence her family decided to escape.

After days of travelling, she along with her husband and children managed to enter Turkey. But the family now lives in constant fear of Isis as they know they could become targets any moment in Turkey.