The Islamic State or its supporters seem to have released an ebook in which the group's journey from al Qaeda to Isis has been detailed and future goals cited, including a warning that it will expand even to India. 

The book, titled "Black Flags from the Islamic State (2016)" was uploaded online on Tuesday, and appears to be a chronicle of the beginnings of the group from under Osama bin Laden to the recent Isis attack in Paris. 

Isis warns that its self-proclaimed caliphate will expand beyond Iraq and Syria to India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Philippines, and several Middle-Eastern and African nations. 

Forecasting a "clash of civilisations" in "non-Muslim countries" between Muslims and the majority population, the new Isis book refers to India and says "a movement of Hindus is growing who kill Muslims who eat beef". 

The Isis book also refers to Prime Minister Narendra Modi as "a right-wing Hindu nationalist", and accuses him of "preparing his people for a future war against Muslims". 

The book also mentions US Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump and his recent remarks on Muslims, and also claims some "groups in Europe are gathering explosives to use in their coming war against the Muslims".

The Isis ebook then mentions the "good news", claiming there is a jihadist movement in all Muslim countries, and invites Muslims to join them. 

Talking about the recent Friday the 13th Paris attacks that left 129 people dead, the book details the terror strikes in a chapter titled "An Analysis of the Paris Attacks", and says the attackers copied the style of the Pakistani militants during the 26/11 attacks in Mumbai.

"In the centre of Paris, some Mujahideen holding AK-47s copied the (2008) Mumbai attacks' style of shooting through the window of a Cafe bar (where alcohol and food was served), then the people fell on the floor, so they threw a grenade into the building," the chapter reads. 

The book gives a sense of a third-person perspective on Isis, and may have been compiled by a supporter of the Islamic State. 

As "Further Reading", the Isis book recommends "Black Flags from the East", "Black Flags from Rome" and "Black Flags from Palestine", amng others. 

While the Islamic State has mentioned India as part of its expansionist goals in the recent past, this may be the first time the group's publication is referring to the issue of the recent killings in the country over the consumption of beef.