Union Minister Shashi Tharoor and Wife Sunanda Pushkar (Reuters)
Sunanda Pushkar with Shashi TharoorReuters

As Shashi Tharoor's wife Sunanda Pushkar's cremation gets underway, the infamous Twitter blame game has begun, linking the ISI with her death.

Though the doctors have confirmed that Sunanda's death was not caused by any poison, they stated it was a case of a 'sudden', 'unnatural' death. And some Twitter users are convinced Sunanda's recent comments about the ISI has prompted the organisation into action.

Some feel the controversial union minister's alleged links with ISI leaves us with something to think about the murder of his wife.

Others suggest when Sunanda implied Mehr to be an ISI, there appeared to be a "need" to silence her permanently. Some people allege that the ISI used a particular chemical agent that can kill without leaving a trace.

"Sunanda Pushkar had sought Press Conference-had tweeted about exposing Tharror/Mehr/ISI - dies same day unnaturally. Extremely suspicious," Says Morattu Thamizhan

"Drugs, Dubai, Pakistan, ISI, Extra marital affair, death. What more do you need to understand that it's a clear cut case of murder?" Tweets 'The Tomar'.

"Such a cruel world!! On naming ISI ppl are clinically eliminated...! All events are so hushed in this case. #SunandaPushkar," says Hitesh Gupta. 

Pushkar, who was getting increasingly frantic and upset over the past few days due to an alleged extra-marital affair between Tharoor and Pakistani journalist Mehr Tarar, was found dead in a Leela Hotel in Delhi.

She was in the headlines this week, after she hacked into her husband's Twitter account and posted private messages between him and the woman, whom she alleged was 'stalking' Tharoor.

A spate of Twitter messages from Pushkar, criticizing Tharoor, went viral. She even alleged in a television interview on Thursday that the woman was a Pakistani ISI agent, who was trying to ruin their marriage.

Now we have a bunch of Twitter hoaxers who claim there is an apparent link between the ISI and Sunanda's death. Take a look at some of the tweets: