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Preity Zinta's comeback film "Ishkq In Paris" which is also her first production venture is a romantic-comedy film. The film has finally hit the screens on Friday after much delay.  

Rhehman Malliek makes his big-screen debut with the film which is directed by Prem Raj. The film also features French actress Isabelle Adjani and Bollywood hot favourite Salman Khan who made a special appearance in a song.

Zinta made her comeback to the silver screen after a gap of almost three years. The dimpled actress is in desperate need for a hit to get back in the film industry. But will her comeback film be a hit like "English Vinglish" or will it be another flop like "Aiyyaa"?

One can only wait for critics review and box office collections to decide whether the film stood up to the expectations or not.

Check out the critics review here:

Taran Adarsh of Bollywood Hungama writes: "ISHKQ IN PARIS is yet another addition to the new-age, urban setting love tale. The film is significant because, besides its theme, it marks Preity Zinta's tryst with film production, besides signaling her return to the big screen after a hiatus. Bearing an uncanny resemblance to the romantic fare BEFORE SUNRISE [Ethan Hawke, Julie Delpy], ISHKQ IN PARIS also brings back memories of LONDON PARIS NEW YORK, which released a year ago. Needless to say, ISHKQ IN PARIS is different from the above-named films in terms of story development and execution.

"Prem borrows the attitude from BEFORE SUNRISE and BEFORE SUNSET films, but he makes sure he affixes those delicate touches that appeal to the Indian cineastes. Since the film is chatty in nature, there are times when weariness sets in and the lines seem contrived [the first hour is strictly okay!], but, eventually, this one springs a pleasant surprise! 

"What goes in favor of ISHKQ IN PARIS is the vibe and the chemistry between its lead actors. The love story has its moments, the humor is subtle and believable and the writers [Preity Zinta, Prem Soni] make sure they spike the narrative with energetic episodes and clever lines. 

"It's difficult to take your eyes off Preity and Rhehan. Whether bickering or flirting with one another, the actors catch your eye in those tiny little moments that capture their charming chemistry well.

"On the whole, ISHKQ IN PARIS is a decent fare, but its fate depends on word of mouth completely, for the film to carve a niche for itself. The delay in release [the promos had been on air for quite some time] coupled with lack of strong face-value might mar its prospects!"

Mohar Basu of writes: "Though I swear by romantic comedies, Ishkq In Paris did not leave a fulfilling impact on me. Despite crisp editing, it is the loose plot, not so compelling story and mostly the unconvincing chemistry which are the film's primary drawbacks. Unless you are Priety Zinta fan, you can easily give this one a miss!

"Akash and Ishkq encounter each other on Swiss Rail ala DDLJ. They become friends When Harry Met Sally Style and suddenly just when Hum Tum was going to knock at the film's door; they decided to introduce a family drama track to harp on melodramatic elements of the film. How Ishkq and Akash survive their test of getting over their commitment phobic nature is what frames the climax of the film!

"The story telling is luckily simple but the story itself has no passion and hence it cannot keep its audiences adhered. The attitudes of its characters being very dicey, the film frequently shifts tints. 

"Prem Raj chose an inadequate script. With a lot of impending work left on it, it seems they pasted on celluloid one of the story's first drafts. Prem Raj's style of work however is easy going and well spaced out. 

"Ishkq In Paris that begins as a believable tale of modern day love culminates into shaky misguided climax. With a couple of commendable elements like smoothness of its narrative, the movie does not work for most part because of its constant attempt at being melodramatic and the lack of an effortless script! Priety fans can gear up for it, the rest can re-watch Hum Tum."

Meena Iyer of The Times of India writes: "Boy and girl spend a night in Paris, the most romantic city in the world. Will cupid strike? The ideal conclusion when a man, Rhehan Malliek (Akshay) and woman, Preity Zinta(ishkq) spend one night roaming on the streets of Paris, would be that they fall in love. Alas, in Prem Soni's Ishkq in Paris, this doesn't happen. The girl is afraid of commitment and the guy is happy to play along.

"Nearly one half of the film is wasted, doing precious nothing. When your patience starts to wear thin, you're told the reason why the beautiful Ishkq is against commitment is because her French mother Marie (Isabella Adjani) has been ditched by her Indian father (Shekhar Kapur) when she was just seven.

"Preity Zinta's maiden production has its aesthetics in place. Paris is enchanting. The actress is good but there ends the show."

Subhash K Jha of IANS writes: "Love, as the sages say, is a many-splendoured thing. You can look at it as an occasion for stress and heartbreak (which is why we fall, never rise, in love). Or love can be a celebration of life.

"Preity takes her character Ishqk beyond her own personality. From frame one we see Ishkq as a girl trapped in self-deceptions that leave her unnecessarily wary of relationships. Ishkq hides her real emotions in romantic nonchalance.

"Ah, Ishqk! She is that kind of a girl. Half-French and fully desi, Ishqk fills up the frames with an unbridled joie de vivre. I can't think of a role better written for Preity Zinta. Missing from the screen for a couple of years, she bounces back with a performance that derives its zing and sparkle from the actress' inbuilt zest for life.

"The exquisite camerawork by Manush Nandan sweeps languorously through the neon-lit seductive night-life of Paris and the daytime bustle of the street side cafes without getting into touristic awe.

"Interestingly the narration is fashioned like a fable with the legendary French actress Isabelle Adjani telling us about Ishkq's brief encounter with Akaash and its aftermath without letting us in to her own role in the romance. 

"Welcome back, Preity. And yes, bon appetite to all moviegoers. Go, tuck in."