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SJ Surya's musical thriller, "Isai", hit the theatres on Friday, 30 January. It features newcomer Savithri, aka Sulagna Panigrahi, in the female lead role.

"Isai" is a long-pending project of SJ Surya, who has written, directed and has also composed the music for the Tamil movie. The movie tells the story of clashes between two music composers.

The trailer as well as the music of the flick has become a hit and raised the expectations of the cine-goers.

The movie has opened to positive reviews from the audience. People are praising Sathyaraj's brillinat acting, well-written narration and climax. But the drawback of the story is the duration of the movie and many are complaining that the pace of the screenplay is slow at parts. 

Below, read the audience on "Isai".

Movie Clickz Posted
#Isai is blessed with some impeccable performances frm the lead actors. @iam_SJSuryah as A K Shiva was convincing, n he put up a decent show
With some spectacular visualization, the director @iam_SJSuryah has succeeded to capture our heart with the songs in this movie.

Kandasamy Posted
#Isai 1st half good.Sathyaraj scenes interesting..but love portion nt entertaining.2nd half decide th movie. Surya's "A"matter workd little.
#isai very interesting intelligent last 30 mints.. director sj surya rocks... good movie if trim length @itisprashanth

Rajasekar Tweeted
#Isai is seriously an out of the box attempt by @iam_SJSuryah . Film might generate mixed reports, but sir kudos for your guts !#Respect
I'm sure reviewers going to have tough time to rate's a movie to sit, analyze and write @iam_SJSuryah
If you want to experience something like Tell Me Your Dreams (Sidney Sheldon) or Shutter Island in @iam_SJSuryah style. Go and watch #Isai

Rakesh Roshan Wrote
#ISAI its SJ Suryah show all d way. Strongly sends out d msg 'I am back'.fulfills evythng expected in an SJ suryah film, now wid music 2 :)

Arrshath Posted
#Isai intro gud !
Sj suryah manmadha attam attaarrambam. #Isai
#Isai - 1st half Gud. Sathyaraj acting sema. Music & bgm are positives.
#Isai - 2nd half puriyadha madhriyae poghudhu.. Psycho film madhri iruku!
Brilliant twist! #Isai

Saranam Posted
#Isai first half going good..last 15 mins before interval block starts the real story plot.As usual @iam_SJSuryah romantic scenes @sharadkrg
#Isai #Satyaraj characterization and mannerism steals the entire show.. Hats off to the legend & @iam_SJSuryah screenplay @sharadkrg
#Isai Cinematography by #Soundarajan is brilliant & @iam_SJSuryah hard work in writing this script deserves a huge applause @sharadkrg

Only Kollywood Posted
Half way through #Isai. @iam_SJSuryah shines in his role as an emerging composer. #Sathyaraj's towering performance as a rival is a treat!
#Isai - A perfectly spiffing comeback!

So far so good... Seems like a come back for SJ Surya... Let's see... Waiting for the second half... #Isai

Prakash K Wrote
#Isai Engaging first half,SJS rocked in acting,direction and music.Happy for @iam_SJSuryah

Prashanth Writes
Mass intro #isai
Therikka vidraapdi SJ surya #isai
BGM very promising and fresh #isai
#isai interval - so far very good, sathyaraj and kanja karuppu combo mersal.
I genuinely appreciate @iam_SJSuryah s guts to make a movie like #isai instead of trying to play safe.
Screenplay very nice, has its minuses, review in a bit #isai
Expect many awards for sathyaraj sir #isai

Sai Shyam G Posted
#Isai first half - @iam_SJSuryah is back with his usual treatment, while #Sathyaraj steals the show as the egoistic veteran music director.
#Isai first half - At 100 minutes, this is one of the longest first halves in recent times. Can be trimmed by 15-20 mins.
Quite liked #Isai, an intense and experimental attempt. @iam_SJSuryah is back at doing what he does best.

Dinesh Wrote
#Isai interval - Bearing the romance, quite interesting. Nice plot executed with all ingredients of SJ Suryah.
Done watching #Isai, very similar to Vishal's #Samar. Not convinced.
#Isai- Movie has got all we expect from SJ Suryah. Began well, didn't work in the middle, facepalm in the end.

Sudharshan Prashanth Posted
@iam_SJSuryah hey man.... #isai its class !! Perfect comeback !! Worth tuning up 9 years :p (y)

Rrajayogan Pperumal Posted
#isai promising start
#isai first half pretty decent, flashes of old sj surya in some scenes, 2nd half moving in interesting way
#isai sathyaraj out of the world acting, music and sceneries beautifully captured by sj surya.
#isai 75% over till a good film, lot depends on how he is going to finish it, a very talented director indeed #sjsurya