Kris Jenner
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Kris Jenner has reportedly increased the security around her family after a man, claiming to be in possession of her sex tape, threatened her with extortion.

The man approached Jenner a week ago saying he was in possession of a sex tape featuring her, and that he would make it public if she does not pay him. It is understood that Jenner initially dismissed the claim as she is sure there was no sex tape but the 58-year-old has now decided to ramp up security as she fears the man is stalking her.

“At first she thought it was a joke, because she knew it couldn’t be real,” a source told Radar Online. “Obviously she would never allow herself to be taped like that! Initially, she just ignored it.”

But the man proved he would not let go easily as he called her more than 100 times, all from different numbers in the past one week alone, the source added.

“She thinks he could be following her,” the source said. “She went out to eat and then got a text from him saying ‘Are you enjoying the restaurant?' This person knew where she was.”

Meanwhile, it might be too soon to say that a Jenner sex tape does not exist. Last year, Jenner shocked her family when she announced that she had made a sex tape with husband Bruce Jenner almost 20 years ago.

But the now estranged couple claimed to have erased the sex tape immediately.

Interestingly, the Kardashian-Jenner clan had to deal with a sex tape crisis in 2007, when footage of Kim Kardashian having sex with then-boyfriend Ray J was leaked online.

In a 2012 interview with Oprah Winfrey, Kardashian said she felt betrayed when the tape was leaked but added that she was thankful her family was not judgemental.

“Things sometimes happen that might be shocking and it seems like the end of the world for a while. But as a family we know we will always be there for each other, no matter what,” Kardashian said.

Recently, her fiance Kanye West also rapped about the incident saying “My girl a superstar all from a home movie”, thereby proving that the tape was not an issue between the couple.