Is school admission becoming a nightmare for parents? Yes! This is the time of the year for parents to choose the right school for their children. In the month of March and April, schools distribute admission forms, and parents should make the right choice and block seats for their children.

As Indian economy is growing, even the education system is progressing. It offers various courses, education boards and new methodologies. Indian education system has unbelievably progressed with low costs tuition fee, as compared to western countries. Until the recent past, there was no premier education in India. But due to the current development, the educational sector has led to the quality education, structured curriculum and offers dynamic methodologies.

It is not easy for parents to get the right school even if their child is excellent at academics. The parents leave no stone unturned; they obligate the influence of politicians, bureaucrats, politicians and well-known effective personalities. They queue up at the admission office of the schools, almost harassing the school authorities to admit their child. It is not easy for the school principals, directors, trustees to manage the parents, who are eager for good education with overall development of the children.

With reputed schools come the skyrocketing school fee, which is a nightmare for the parents of even the higher middle class. The present scenario of Indian education is so advanced with ICT (Information and Communication Technology) learning that the schools appoint Information Technology teacher who can teach students without any hassle.

The era of international education boards is emerging broadly, parents opting for the curriculum, without bothering the fee. The parents' nightmare of school education is increasing day by day. The school admissions are haunting due to demand for right candidates and parents are left with no choice but to use influence of reputed populace. The parents select good, reputed schools to provide better education to their children which is not easy due to the so-called capitation and donation fee demanded by the authorities.

The Indian education system is progressing immeasurably, and thus also becoming a nightmare for the parents who are looking for the right choice.